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Aftermath (2017)


“478” is a story about two completely unknown artists – construction supervisor Roman Melnik (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and air traffic controller Jake Bannon (Scout McNeary), who have been inseparably linked to each other after a cruel tragedy. Roman is expecting his pregnant wife and daughter in Columbus, Ohio, after both have spent several months in their native Ukraine. The mood among the members of the Melnik family is festive and Roman has carefully prepared the welcome. When he arrives at the airport, however, he realizes with horror that something wrong has happened. For a moment, his family ceased to exist. Ruined, Roman withdraws from the world and closes in his memories, not stopping to ask questions unanswered. He will not find rest until he finds out who is responsible for the tragedy that has taken away his closest ones. Jake, the air traffic controller on that fateful day, is also ruined. Forced to continue his life under a new identity, he loses his marriage and his job and turns into a pale shadow of himself. The story reaches its tragic disappearance 478 days later when the two of them finally meet eyes in sight.