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Den of Thieves (2018)



The action takes us to Los Angeles, where a bank bucks every 48 minutes. The town is full of robbers who are unceremoniously attacking branches even in the day. Pablo Schreiber and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson form a band to try the impossible – a breakthrough in the most protected building, the Federal Reserve. So far no one has attempted such a move and the bank is considered inviolable. But $ 30 million is destroyed there daily if someone fails to steal them before.
Police have a long history in the war with the robbers. When a truck is stolen without missing money, and the guards killed in a shootout, a strike group from the Severe Crimes Division deals with the capture of the gang. Gerard Butler is Big Nick, the leader of the squad, whose methods are very effective, but extremely illegal. Brutal police officers feel that something big is planned, but they have no idea where and when.