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Die Holle (2017)


“Cold Hell” is Stephan Rutzowitzski’s criminal thriller, telling a strong woman alone against the world through the prism of the amazing and terrible story of a serial killer. Ozge is a Turk who migrated to Austria from the Muslim world because of the lack of women’s freedom in Turkey. She is now an Austrian citizen and is in police custody after being caught with drugs. She is a fragile, small woman who works as a taxi driver and deals with boxing. The ex-boyfriend abandons her, a cousin, and only uses her and asks for money, and the sparring partner and the ring only mocks her ability. Permanently hearing and seeing the stories of her customers riding in the taxi, the heroine looks at many false and crude stories about life . In short, Ozge lived alone, coping with his problems and becoming more and more disappointed by the people.