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The Death of Stalin (2017)


The year is 1953. Joseph Stalin appears in a good (albeit paranoid) condition, harassing everyone by himself, killing everyone disagreeing and holding even his close attention. All of this came to a sudden end one morning when the dictator was found lying on the floor of his office, struck by a blow. Januchi proposes his version of the subsequent chaos: the frenzied power struggle among the few accomplices that have fallen into the past. All “distinguished” lakers are available – Malenkov’s millet, Tarush Khrushchev, Sultan Molotov, Zhukov ruffian, and the depraved Beria. Let’s not miss Stalin’s vassal son, Vasily, as well as his tortured daughter Svetlana. They are arguing for power with all their bitterness, but desperate to get to it.