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The Sense of an Ending (2017)


“The Sense Of An Ending” is a screenplay by Julian Barnes, the excellent novel, “Premonition for End”, released in 2012.
Tony Webster and Adrian Finn become inseparable buddies at school. Fever for manhood and books, they share pranks, emotions, rumors and wit. Maybe Adrian is a little more serious and more intelligent than his classmates, but none of them suspect that he will soon put an end to his life. And that they will try to forget it … Now Tony is a retiree with a decent career behind him, with a marriage and a meek divorce. He never hurt anyone. But the memory is not infallible. She can always surprise, as a letter of inheritance will prove. The unexpected will will make Tony dig in the memories of his youth and realize how unreliable they are …
“Premonition for End” is the story of a man who wants to reconcile with his past. A fine and wise novel about time and memory and how they change each other.