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The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017)


1939, Poland. Antonina Zabinska and her husband, Doctor Jan Zabinski, are taking care of the Warsaw Zoo, and it is one of the most wonderful places for its inhabitants and for all people who want to donate animal love, as exemplified by Park managers. The time comes when the Nazi Germany army invades Poland. The world and the people are horrified, and a new zoologist is responsible for the animals in the park – Lutz Heck, a soldier of the Reich forces. Zabinski are involved in the resistance and are planning a plan to save the lives of as many people as possible from the Warsaw Ghetto. Antonina puts herself and her children at great risk in the name of freedom and salvation …
A wonderful story in which the focus is not only on the nature of humans and animals, but also on compassion and humanity. Zabinski have sheltered Jews with incredible risk for themselves because of a very simple and natural cause – this is the right thing they should have done.