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Sand Castle (2017)


Glen Powell and Tommy Flanagan perform two of the main roles in the film, but what exactly are their characters and, most importantly, will they survive the very end of the movie or are doomed to doom? In the world of war, such a thing must not be ruled out, so we must be prepared for heavy scenes with a fatal ending.

Matt Ocre, starring Nicholas Hunt, is the hero with the most important role in the Sand Castle production. He is a soldier who shoots with heavy machines, such as tanks and machine guns. Now it is the difficult and difficult mission to save a whole village on the territory of a troubled Iraq. Of course, he will not be able to act alone under such circumstances, but it is the fact that he relies heavily on himself. The production is based on real events, which in 2003 were broadly reflected in the world – then even for our country there was a danger of being involved in the military conflict, but fortunately everything went well. Interestingly noteworthy is the fact that no one else, but writer Rogerser himself has experience as a soldier in Iraq, which is why he is contributing much to the eventual success of the film, which has no official premiere.